LytePod Lyte Podium Steps


The Lyte podium step is an effortless podium step that can be assembled easily and quickly due to it's compact all in one folding system. The podium features non removable stabilisers that can be attached to the frame, saloon gates for easy access and safeguarding due to its one way open safety stoppers.

The LytePod has two platform heights that can be easily detached and positioned. The podium is lightweight and only weighting 1M = 37Kg, 1.2M = 40Kg and 1.5M = 43kg. Manufactured in the UK from strong aluminium construction.

  • Only 2 removable parts: Platform deck and access ladder
  • Complies with EN:8620 (PAS250)
  • Saloon gates for easy access and egress. Stoppers for extra safety
  • All models have 2 platform heights
  • Anti-surf as standard
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 3 diff erent sizes
  • Compact folding dimensions
  • Toe boards optional
  • Non removable stabilisers
Model Size Weight Platform Height Overall Height Width
LYTEPOD10X 1.0m 37kg 725 or 975mm 2010mm 670mm
LYTEPOD12X 1.2M 40kg 975 or 1225mm 2260mm 670mm
LYTEPOD15X 1.5M 43kg 1225 or 1475mm 2510mm 670mm