Leader 2.5m Long Industrial Tower Double Width 1.45m


Industrial Towers are an excellent UK manufactured aluminium tower which conforms to the 3T method and certified to BSEN1004 2004. Each tower includes four castors with individual lockable brakes for easy movement and safety. Legs adjust up to a maximum of 8cm for work on uneven ground and guardrail secured on top of scaffold tower for safety. For details component list please see item specifications.

  • Fully certified to the very latest BSI British Standards Institute Kitemark KM617169 in respect to BSEN: 1004 Class 3
  • Conforms to the requirements of the 3T erection and dismantling method as set out by the HSE Health & Safety Executive and PASMA
  • Available in 23 working heights for each of the 4 different Widths and Lengths, from 1.2m to 12.2m platform height in 0.5m increments
  • Weight rating 950kg 149.2 stone less tower self weight. Fitted with Dual locking castors individually certified to 700KG. Tower base plates are available as an alternative
  • Platform are available in 2 different lengths 1.8m and 2.5m with a non slip finish for additional safety, damage resistant claws, and an automatic self closing trapdoor. Complete with Wind-lock device
  • Unique single piece folding toe board with Fully welded Ladder incorporated into frame
  • Colour coded hooks with an oversized trigger for easier operation and Floating spigots for ease of assembly and dismantling
  • Articulated swivel rubber feet to outriggers and oversized cast aluminium fixings for ease of attachment
  • Flexible enough to be used both indoors & outdoors and is compatible with the SGB BOSS range
  • All components come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects
Model Height Platform Height Safe Working Height
22DW25 3.2m 2.2m 4.2m
27DW25 3.7m 2.7m 4.7m
32DW25 4.2m 3.2m 5.2m
37DW25 4.7m 3.7m 5.7m
42DW25 5.2m 4.2m 6.2m
47DW25 5.7m 4.7m 6.7m
52DW25 6.2m 5.2m 7.2m
57DW25 6.7m 5.7m 7.7m
62DW25 7.2m 6.2m 8.2m
67DW25 7.7m 6.7m 8.7m
72DW25 8.2m 7.2m 9.2m
77DW25 8.7m 7.7m 9.7m
82DW25 9.2m 8.2m 10.2m
87DW25 9.7m 8.7m 10.7m
92DW25 10.2m 9.2m 11.2m
97DW25 10.7m 9.7m 11.7m
102DW25 11.2m 10.2m 12.2m
107DW25 11.7m 10.7m 12.7m
112DW25 12.2m 11.2m 13.2m
117DW25 12.7m 11.7m 13.7m
122DW25 13.2m 12.2m 14.2m