Centaure PL Working Platform


The PL series is a fantastic working platform that provides excellent stability and security. You will find two dedicated tool trays with good storage space, a paint tray that can hold up to a 25kg load and an S-shape pail hook. Easily accessible due to it's large non-slip steps with an impressive depth of 80mm. The platform is built with the protection of the user in mind, it includes safety rails and chains while being easy to use.

    Code Treads Platform Height Safe Working Height Width Weight
    413902 2 0.5m 2.50m 0.75m 15kg
    413903 3 0.70m 2.70m 0.75m 15.60kg
    413904 4 0.95m 2.95m 0.75m 16.20kg
    413905 5 1.20m 3.20m 0.62m 24.20kg
    413906 6 1.45m 3.45m 0.62m 24.90kg
    413906 7 1.70m 3.70m 0.62m 26.10kg