BoSS Evolution Stairway Tower Multiguard 1450mm W x 1.8m L


The BoSS Staircase is a lightweight industrial modular access tower system with minimal additional components. Designed for where frequent climb and descend to the working area is required. The BoSS Staircase tower system has a 1.45m frame width that is 1.8m in platform length.

  • Ideal for use where there is a need to frequently climb & descend the tower or when needing a two handed lift
  • 500mm frame rung spacing in compliance with Work at Height Regulations
  • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip
  • Primed brace claw mechanism
  • Horizontal braces used as guardrails
  • Floating frame spigots
  • Self cleaning adjustable legs
  • Castors with compact trail/no trail positive locking brakes
  • Deck board edge protection by aluminium deck profile